Friday, 27 August 2010

This is a quilted butterfly bed runner which has been appliqued, embroidered and embellished with beads and sequins.
Some of the stitched butterflies are not very clear though on the pictures :(


hello, long time since last post so thought I would put up some piccys of various things, also just done my own website which is there is nothing really on it at the moment but I am about to try and upload a few images, so fingers crossed computery things are not exactly my forte haha

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Prep work: check

Today has been a bit random, spent a lot of money (and a lot of time in Abakhan's), buying fabrics to make of of loverly things and started working on some stuff woop woop! Very excited, watch out sewing machine here I come!

Got things for corsages in several colours, quilts and fabrics for a cushion that I was inspired to make whilst in London looking at an Owl cushion in a shop which was very cute (the cushion not the shop).

Also went in to Pad in Preston and got some info about how to go about selling stuff in there so that was quite informative, fingers crossed! :D

Now though I am in the middle of sorting out a new car and insurance for my brother which is mush easier said than done, especially when he is so fussy and insurance is so expensive. Joy.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Well, today has been a busy day, set up the blog and put some stuff on it, yay! also went to a 'crafty gathering' at Crafty Hearts which is a lovely paper carft shop at Lane Ends in Ashton, and sells all kinds of paper crafts products, and made a much belated house warming card, a birthday card and one for Mother's day with a matching corsage which forms part of the decoration for the card but is then removed afterward to be worn.

Overall I think it has been quite a productive day, yipeeee!

more stuff...

This picture on the left is a picture of the latter two thirds of the triptych I displayed in the textiles exhibition. Above is a card that was sent home from the front line by my great, greatgrandad, which I used as part of my research

Some work

This is a picture of one of the voile poppies I used in my work for my degree, this was used on the middle piece of a triptych which was used as my final piece for the graduate exhibition. My work was about the second world war and the middle panel was commemerative and consisted of a printed poppy pattern with these voile ones to give it some 3-dimensional depth .
Hey this is my first blog, so not entirely sure what to do yet so here goes.....

Im Jenny and I love to quilt and create all kinds of textile products and I set up this blog to see what other crafty people out there are up to, so hope you enjoy.....